Mentoring in Marketing

Internal Marketing

The secret to internal marketing is clear, consistent and continuous communication – from the top down!

Mentoring for effective and accountable marketing strategy. All to often we see marketing departments being left to their own tactical-led devices, focused on campaign after social media campaign and adrift from the heart of the real business strategy.

As the business owner, marketing specialist and member of the executive team, we work with you to position marketing right back at the boardroom table! Marketing is driven through strategy and as business executives with a growth plan on the table, we know you are good at Strategy – so who better to own and drive the process.

Marketing mentoring for business owners and executives

To help you build your marketing capability we will provide expert guidance, tools and techniques that are specific to the needs of both the marketing and executive teams members within your organisation. One-to One face time over a specific period is critical to achieve results. We work both with and alongside you to direct and hold the team accountable for developing and delivering the marketing strategy and key actions.

Build your marketing capability. Marketing Teams are inspired by knowledge, not silence – and so getting your executive teams on-board and key strategic messaging right means your staff will deliver better service and a heightened customer experience. In turn, you’ll minimise your costs and forge relationships that will strengthen the value of your brand.

Through various tested methods, we can help you to empower your team and create a sense of shared responsibility and encouraged participation. We have a deep toolbox to draw on. Talk to us about how you can get your staff working from the same page.

Working with you and your teams – one on one.