Business Development & Sales Planning

Business Development

Gone are the days when marketing and sales teams worked in isolation. It’s time your teams shared the love.

Effective marketing is about creating better perceptions. Better perceptions help sell better products. Better products outsell their rivals, and testimonial become king! –  a strong sales team should know their products and services better than anyone.

At Box Orange Marketing, we love sales. We will work to ensure that every stakeholder strengthens the public perception of your organisation, the internal systems for planning and visibility of your sales pipeline are cohesive, organised and flexible but most importantly, are realistic for managing forward growth.

Our job is to ensure consistency and clarity in the way your organisations sales and marketing teams function and to work hard to deliver effective internal and outbound communications for your brand, products and services.

If your elevator pitch is lacking persuasion, your sales team and management aren’t speaking the same language and marketing are just not pulling in the leads – then it’s time to call us.