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Why us – At Box Orange Marketing, we’re all about the SMBs – small to medium business’ here in Brisbane.

We know that small to medium businesses don’t have the budgets of the bigger players but still share the strategic need for marketing services to strategically position their businesses, achieve profit and growth. If anything, the need for SMBs is greater: the need for a return on your marketing investment is higher when there’s less money to throw around, and that’s the kind of challenge we thrive on.

We know how to review, plan and guide your organisation and executive team to achieve successful marketing outcomes – and it all starts at the boardroom table with the business plan!

Flexible and experienced, we’ll work with you in the way you need – as an external marketing professional, we work with and alongside you in-house to support and drive your marketing outcomes one-on-one. We will work together, hold one another accountable and ensure the right strategy connects your business plan and marketing outcomes.

With a strong marketing strategy in place our ongoing Mentoring services keep marketing accountable and the business on track – find out more or contact us today

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland

Nicola worked as a senior marketing consultant and marketing advisor for CCIQ for 12 months between 2011 and 2012. She assisted in implementing a restructure of the marketing department, corporate brand refresh and launch of a new CCIQ business advisory consultancy.

Nikala Chenoweth, Marketing Manager

Australian Business Training Solutions

Nicola was a very welcome addition to our team at Australian Business Training Solutions/CCIQ Training and more broadly with CCIQ in general.
During a period of intense change, Nicola offered focused, practical solutions that were both cost effective and high impact, but also kept our longer terms strategies and goals in mind. She is passionate and knowledgeable, gets to know the whole business and its challenges, and is able to offer solutions and generate desired outcomes at every level of the business.

Yvette Bartlett, General Manager